Black Friday at That’s Mine

The time has come for Black Friday 2018 here at That’s Mine and that means the Christmas shopping has begun.

What is Black Friday?

There might be some of you, who do not know, what Black Friday exactly is. Well let us start off with saying when Black Friday is in the year; Black Friday is on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is the fourth Thursday in November. Black Friday is a sales day which the retail business has made, and on this day, there can be found discounts on pretty much everything! There can be found offers on clothes, food products and electronics among other things during Black Friday. And as mentioned before Black Friday is a sort of starting signal for the Christmas shopping. Black Friday is also getting more and more popular here in our little Denmark, because it lies so close to Christmas, which makes the Black Friday sale so much more interesting to take advantage off with the buyers.

The history of Black Friday

Black Friday has its origins in the USA and have first gotten popular in Denmark in the later years, where in 2014 it got its first steps in Denmark by a couple of webshops. The year after there were even more shops and warehouses, that used Black Friday to promote special offers. Since then Black Friday has experienced an explosive growth. In 2015 Black Friday experienced its biggest breakthrough in Denmark, where it beat the record for the biggest shopping day in Denmark.

We have since the arrival of Black Friday here in Denmark seen many campaigns from the bigger brands, this along with that the Danes have embraced the day, could mean that Black Friday has come to stay.

As an extra little interesting detail is there that Black Friday did not start of as relating to shopping. It started off with being the name of a financial crisis, that plagued the USA in 1869 and it was the magazine “The shortville-manchester enterprise” in 1961, where the shopping day was called Black Friday. The use of the name got more popular, when to magazines used it in 1975.

About That’s Mine

”Who is That’s Mine?” There may be some of you that asks this, if you have never heard about us before.
That’s Mine is quite simply an entrepreneur business that designs and sells its own products. What we are working with are products for children’s room interior. We have several product collections. Our Wood Collection which consist of all our wooden products. Soft Collection that is our foam products. Then we are also selling climbing rocks, wall stickers and foils. We are working hard on making new and beautiful products, which you children will enjoy.

Our Black Friday offers

Here at That’s Mine will you parents found a lot of great deals on our wares for children’s room interior og children’s furniture, filled with many pretty motives to boys and girls, where there is something for everyone.

Are you looking for something your children can play with, then we recommend here at That’s Mine our popular climbing rocks, which also can be used by adults. You can buy them for three different wall types: wood, brick and concrete and is found in small and big variants. If you have a drywall then we recommend using a wooden panel to place on the wall, where the rocks can be placed.

If you are looking for hooks or shelves then you can look at our Wood Collection, here some of our motives consist of elephants, swans and our alba bookshelves in different colours and sizes. Here you can also find wall decorations to embellish the wall with motives such as rain or the night sky. Maybe you are looking after something for the wall in the children’s room, then you should look at our Wall Stories, which is our beautiful wall stickers. Here you can find a lot of different motives, there is a lot of motives with animals, such as bunnies, bats, ladybugs along with many others, there are motives with flowers, space and our newest motives adventurous dragons.

Or maybe to create new life in the children’s room we have here at That’s Mine our foils, were we have four foils; glitter, marble, concrete and solid colours, which can be placed on the wall or on the furniture and can be used after your imagination.

Some of our products