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In our WOOD Collection, you will find hooks, bookshelves, and shelves. All designs are handcrafted by Mette Mariager, who established and maintained That’s Mine.
The company is located in Gelsted on Sjæland in Denmark, where we have recently moved into new office facilities, where we also have our warehouse and a production line.

We are very proud that we can call ourselves 100 percent Danish, and that our collection is currently present in over 22 countries. It all started with a little hook, and shortly after that, it has become very successful. It has been a very tough but also a very satisfying journey with the design along the way.
Beautiful interior design for children’s room.

We have more themes in this category.
Bandit Theme – with a prison shelf, a sheriff and a bandit hook, and a hook in the shape of a pistol.
Princess / Fairy Tale Theme – Princess’s carriage glitter shelf, heart hooks, heart bookshelves, stars, princesses hooks. If you have yourself a little princess at home, this collection will be perfect.

Baby- the sweetest elephant baby hooks and beautiful colors. We also offer is a matching bookshelf with elephant’s mother and her children.
Basic Series – Alba Bookshelf is a very simple one, so far it has been our best-selling product. It is available in many lovely colors. In that collection, we also offer Bear Hooks with a matching shelf. In the drawer, a little bear can hide all the little secrets. Many parents assemble it also above the child’s bed, where they can place the baby alarm, or to hide the sockets inside it.

Welcome to my Universe – This is where it all started.

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