Piece of heaven Velvet – Payne’s grey

2.200,00 kr. 880,00 kr.

The Piece of Heaven has been made of a perfect combination of foam and velvet fabric that makes it both, beautiful and practical. It is perfect for your children to sleep and play on. The Piece of Heaven is perfect for your baby when he/she starts to roll over, the mattress is only 5 cm tall and your baby will therefore not get hurt if he/she rolls over the side. Hand-made and designed in Denmark. All of our products are unique produced from the highest quality of materials, and we add the love to each of them as well!

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Our Piece of Heaven mattresses are made of foam certified by eco standard 100, class 2 and has undergone fire test procedures for ignitability by Call 117 A&D. No brominated flame retardant has been used. We use a 100% polyester with a Martindale test 40.00, which means a strong and lasting quality, easy to wash and clean without any shrinkage or wear.

Specs 120X120x5

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