Benjamin The Jumper – Medium

119,00 kr.

There is speed and trouble in Benjamin. Maybe as parents you know this saying. I am certain that he will fit right in with most children. He is found in 3 sizes. There can also be decorated with our fine mushroom, which you can also find in the shop. He can also get a sister in our other bunny Sally. Make your own adventure.

24 x 14 cm. Wall sticker. This is our medium sized Benjamin. 

We have chosen a quality material so our Wall Stories can be moved around the room without any hassle. 

We have found the best textile foil that can handle most. Should the little one get their hands on the sticker, it is easy to straighten out and put back on the wall. Did you know that we make our own Wall Stories. I have gotten a fantastic artist on the team.
She draws and paints and I stand for the whole production.

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