Ladybug Oscar 5 Pcs

249,00 kr.

Mild and calm Oscar who just wander up and down the wall. This set is to make a whole lot of embellishment with the ladybug Oscar who comes trotting down the wall. The cozy motive with loveliest colours. You can move the sticker around, if they had to go another way one day. Oscar is also lovely to look at, put him by the changing table and then you are ready to sing. Maybe a snail should be one of the next designs we draw.

8 x 12 cm. Wall sticker with 5 ladybugs. We have chosen a quality material so our Wall Stories can be moved around the room without any hassle.

We have found the best textile foil that can handle most. Should the little one get their hands on the sticker, it is easy to straighten out and put back on the wall. Don’t worry about the stickers leaving any marks on the wall.

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