Grey Brown Balloons – 5 pcs

299,00 kr.

Our colourful balloons that will make the room look more festive. Could also be used to some festive occasions such as a birthday party for your child. Don’t have to worry about these balloons ever popping.

Set consist of 5 pcs of varying sizes on 11 x 15, 15 x 20, 17 x 23 and 20 x 27 cm and the 2 shades makes it so much nicer to look at. There are 5 balloon sets with different colours each: Blue, Yellow, Grey Brown, Green and Rose.

We have chosen a quality material, so our Wall Stories can be moved around the room without any hassle. Don’t worry about the stickers leaving any marks on the wall. Should the little one get the sticker, it is easy to straighten out and put back on the wall.

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