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Welcome to That’s Mine. We are very happy that you decided to shop with us this time.
As an entrepreneur with plenty of ideas in my head, I get very excited every time they get appreciated by customers, and when the products land in the shopping cart.
Here, at That’s Mine, we are always busy with cutting, milling, painting, collecting, grinding, packing etc. We always do our best to have as many products in stock, as possible.
Sometimes it happens, that some of our products get sold out, but trust me, we try to keep an eye on it and start the production immediately after this takes place.
In our offer, you will always be able to find a large variety of high-quality interior designs for children, which we really have taken care of, and thought every detail through.
We strive to always deliver beautiful, new products, therefore once in a while, we would release a newsletter, where you can find some inspirations.
If you would like to stay on top of our new designs, sign up for our newsletter and anticipate the news coming soon!

Free Delivery for purchase over 799,- ( in Denmark only)
Once the order is placed, we are ready to start packing your goods right away.
You can always collect your order from our warehouse at Søgårdsvej 53 4160 I Gelsted in case you are in a hurry.

The only thing you will not be able to collect from here is the very famous Climbing Rocks since they
are being shipped from a warehouse located in Jylland.
We are very happy to deliver your order and hope that you will be satisfied with it.
In case the product has not met your expectations, you can buy a return label on our website.
Please, remember that the products should be in the same conditions as upon their arrival.

Mette Neerup Mariager
Founder & owner of That’s Mine

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